Green Drain - Floor Drain Trap Seal

$ 39.95 USD
$ 39.95 USD

The Green Drain™ reduces exposure to hazardous sewer gases and disease causing pathogens that harbor within drain lines and plumbing systems. It is the eco-friendly, preventative solution that will lead to improved outcomes for worker & patient health, while exceeding the lifespan of traditional chemical applicants that harm the environment.


  • The threat of disease carrying pests that hide in your drains. (I.e. Drain Flies, Cockroach’s, Fruit Flies, Silver Fish)
  • The need to pour pesticides, chemical applicants and deodorizers down the drain.
Conserves Water and Water Related Expenses by:
  • Eliminating the need for Continuous trap primers, but not to be used in lieu of, per UPC requirements within The US.
  • Dramatically decreasing evaporation within Traps.
  • The risk of harmful sewer gasses intruding your facility through drain lines.
  • Costly chemical expenditures.
  • Plumbing related call‐outs.
  • Exterminator related call‐outs and call‐backs.
  • Timely drain maintenance by Facility Staff and Plumbers.
  • Sewer load.
  • The chemical impact on our oceans and environment.

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