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Drains provide the perfect environment for the reproduction of fruit flies. Drains can be difficult to reach and even harder to properly clean. DMS has a proprietary periodic deep drain cleaning process which eliminates their ability to continue to reproduce.

DMS uses only organic, non-insecticidal products in our treatment protocols. DMS services your account on a regular basis to ensure fruit fly population remains in check and provides you and your guests an environment everyone can enjoy.

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Extend Your Drain Lifespan

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DMS Fruit Fly Fighter

This formulation is sprayed under and around food service equipment, along baseboards and garbage cans and pads. This natural repellent has no odor and will break down organic matter in target areas further eliminating other sources of nourishment.

DMS Drain Gel Treatment

This is a live bacteria-based gel designed to be applied directly into drain lines. The gel will adhere to the inside of the lines and will continue to digest all organic residue, which provides an excellent food source for the flies. Regular treatment enables that breeding environments are greatly reduced and even eliminated.

What Else Should You Know?

Why Fruit Flys?

Fruit flies need to be addressed because food service sanitation issues have become elevated to the point where people can be fined or even shut down as it relates to fruit fly infestations by your local inspectors.

Important Fruit Fly Facts
  • Fruit flies gather near the surface of overly ripened fruits and vegetables.
  • They also prefer areas where wine, beer and soda products are stored because they like food which is fermented.
  • Fruit flies can live and breathe in drains, around garbage cans, and damp mops, linens and rags.
  • They can lay 500 eggs at a time. About 30 hours later, larvae emerge and feed on the food, grease, fats and oils in the drains.
  • Fruit flies take to air within a week and live up to 30 days.
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A Superior Solution to a Common Problem

DMS Services 5-star Restaurants, Local Spots, and Institutional Organizations!

Every facility we have worked with has experienced a fruit fly problem from time to time. There is nothing to worry about. Our sanitation program solves your fruit fly problems and creates a standard of cleanliness that can be maintained. And THAT’s what we pride ourselves on!

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Control and mitigate fruit fly and sewer fly populations at their source with Drains Made Simple!

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